Everyone should have right to access a treatment

Our goal is to deliver the most effective and affordable stroke treatments to patient worldwide.

Challenging Factors

1 out of 14 people will experience a stroke in their lifetime which can results in permanent disability or death. Novel minimally invasive treatment for blood clots with stent retriever and aspiration systemis 90% effective.

However, cost of devices is extremely high. 

Limited acess to stroke treatment

Number of people who can acess to a proper treatment is very limited worldwide. This can cause death every 15 seconds somewhere on earth. 

In big country like India 98.2% of population can not acess to a stroke treatment. In Thailand, 97.5% can not acess to stroke treatment. 

From Mission Thrombectomy Consortium 2021 Annual Meeting 

Our goal of making every body access to a treatments 

We aims to bridge the enormous gap in access to stroke treatment by design and produce the most effective and affordable stroke treatments to patient worldwide. 

More About Our Devices

See how we design a device that helps people acess to a better treatment with economically accessible in technical and numbers.