Introducing the Neutron Aspiration Catheter – a game-changer in neurovascular reperfusion, offering robustness and adaptability like never before. Engineered to tackle complex clots, the Neutron can perform mechanical thrombectomy using aspiration alone or in tandem with the SuperNova stent-retriever.

Advanced Engineering Meets Precision

The Neutron is not your ordinary catheter. It’s crafted with advanced coil technology, boasting over 14 transition zones. What does this mean for patients? It translates into unrivaled distal kink-resistance and superb trackability, ensuring safe and precise access within the intricate network of blood vessels in the brain.

Proven Performance

In pre-clinical trials, the Neutron Aspiration Catheter has left a lasting impression. Its easy trackability simplifies the procedure, resulting in high rates of successful clot retrieval. Most importantly, it has demonstrated superior safety, instilling confidence in both patients and medical professionals.

The Neutron Aspiration Catheter is a remarkable advancement in neurovascular reperfusion, promising smoother and safer clot removal. Its ability to adapt and excel in tandem with the SuperNova stent-retriever marks a new era in stroke treatment, offering hope and efficiency to those in need.