Stroke, the leading cause of death in Thailand, demands urgent attention. With less than 2.7% access to life-saving mechanical thrombectomy treatment, change is imperative. While existing large-scale registries primarily focus on Caucasian populations, Thai and Asian patients face unique stroke risks, particularly intracranial atherosclerosis.

Enter the next-gen SuperNova Stent Retriever, offering hope for patients worldwide, especially in Asia. To bridge this gap, the GRASSROOT Registry emerges, funded by Gravity Medical Technology and the Thai Science Foundation, utilizing the SuperNova stent retriever. Gathering data from 2,500 cases, this initiative involves global experts, including Dr. Dileep Yaval, Dr. Tudor Jovin, Dr. Ashutosh Jadhav, Dr. Sirintara (Pongpech) Singhara Na , and Dr. David Liebeskind, with Dr. Nijasri Charnnarong Suwanwela leading regionally. This registry promises to shape the future of stroke care, driving novel treatment device development tailored to the Asian population.