Meet the SuperNova Stent-Retriever, a next-gen thrombectomy device poised to transform stroke treatment. Developed through a global collaboration of clinical expertise, advanced engineering, and cutting-edge technology, this device offers new hope for patients facing severe strokes caused by various blood clots.

Precision Medicine at Its Core

SuperNova represents precision medicine’s pinnacle, capable of treating all clot types—red and white—unlike traditional methods. This adaptability ensures better stroke treatment outcomes.

Innovative Design Features

SuperNova’s unique double-fusiform cell design and 3D strut geometry enable superior clot engagement and spatially variable radial force. In simpler terms, it efficiently navigates blood vessels and removes clots with minimal complications.

A Ray of Hope for Stroke Patients

Pre-clinical trials validate the SuperNova’s potential. It boasts a superior first-pass effect, ensuring most clots are removed in one attempt. It excels in reperfusion and maintains high safety levels, promising improved stroke treatment outcomes.

The SuperNova Stent-Retriever stands as a beacon of hope for severe stroke patients. Its precision medicine approach, innovative design, and impressive trial results position it as a game-changer in stroke treatment. With its continued evolution, it could redefine the future of stroke care, offering relief and recovery to countless patients worldwide.